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        Reusable Rice Husk Cups

        Reusable Rice Husk Cups

        Eco To Go Cups are a green alternative to disposable coffee cups

        • Made from rice husks (a by product of rice usually incinerated)
        • 100% Natural materials
        • Reusable 100s of times
        • Microwave safe
        • Dishwasher safe 
        • Stackable
        • Biodegradable in land fill
        • Save money
        • Diverts coffee cups from land fill that take hundreds of years to biodegrade

        Product Compare (0)

        Eco To-Go Reusable Rice Husk Travel Mug 400ml

        Eco To-Go Reusable Rice Husk Travel Mug 400ml

        The future of coffee cups is here!Our Eco To-Go travel mugs are made from 100% Natural products, so ..
        Product code: RHUSK
        Pack size: 1

        £7.50 exc.VAT

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