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        Cambro Versa Food Service

        Cambro Versa Food Service

        The Versa Food Service System provides custom design without the custom price. This stylish, completely portable system goes anywhere and keeps food cold with either Coldfest Pans or Buffet Camchillers. Whether it's space considerations, frequent menu changes or merchandising requirements, the Versa Food Service System offers unequalled versatility.

        * Ergonomic design with enhanced portability
        * One person can set-up or knock-down the sneeze guards and tray rails for transportation or storage in only 30 seconds
        * All-weather material is durable and easy to clean
        * Countless configurations to fit any food service need
        * Easily fits through a standard 91.5cm doorway with the sneeze guards and tray rails knocked down. Knocked down width: 83cm
        * Ergonomic, molded-in handles on both sides ensures easy maneuvering
        * Designs provides new merchandising options 
        * All components are fully compliant with 2011 NSF requirements