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        • Calomax Eclipse Water Boiler Counter Top Model

        Eclipse Counter top automatic fill water boiler.  Allows immediate draw off of 5 litres, and a maximum hourly capacity of 25 litres (155 cups).  Made in the UK, supplied with 2 year warranty, features an energy saving eco-function and integral scale inhibitor.  Also has unique steri-touch antibacterial protection.  Stainless steel outer casing with black trim and drip tray.

        Capacity/Dimensions: HxDxW 510mm x 270mm x 240mm, working weight 21 kg.

        Pack Size: 1 

        Delivery Time: 3 - 5 days

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        Calomax Eclipse Water Boiler Counter Top Model

        • Brand: Calomax
        • Product Code: 3C5
        • Availability: In Stock
        • £0.00 exc.VAT

        This price is for 1 units